All Users and Subscribers are required to read, acknowledge and accept the responsibilities and rules defined in the following Agreement prior to using VPN EXTRA Mobile Application, and benefiting from the services provided. In using the app, Users and Subscribers have willingly and fully acknowledged and accepted its responsibilities and rules.

1. PRIVACY STATEMENT 1.1. VPN EXTRA, in order to ensure User and Subscriber personal and institutional privacy, while providing the maximum benefit of its technology services, has adopted various policies for individual and institutional protection and data security. This privacy policy is determined and declared to be applicable for all data collection and/or use on mobile applications, Internet sites, and services provided by VPN EXTRA and connected to VPN EXTRA.

1.2. Users and Subscribers are deemed to have accepted the policies related to visiting and/or using platforms and mobile applications provided by VPN EXTRA and connected to VPN EXTRA as a visitor, User or Subscriber. VPN EXTRA has the right to change, correct and update its "Privacy Statement" on its platforms with or without prior notice. Users and Subscribers automatically agree to the changes by using the platforms and Mobile Applications.

1.3. VPN EXTRA shall not reveal personal or institutional information and/or data provided by Users and Subscribers on its platforms and mobile applications, or provide it to third parties. VPN EXTRA has the right to issue notices, market and/or collect statistical data as regulated by law. VPN EXTRA declares and undertakes not to communicate personal or institutional information without its UsersÛª and SubscribersÛª consent, and agree to provide tools enabling Users and Subscribers to leave the system easily and free of charge. VPN EXTRA will not share, sell or allow the use of User and Subscriber data and information by any third party under any conditions except for purposes regarding the collection of information as described above. By using VPN EXTRA platforms and mobile applications, Users and Subscribers consent to receive marketing materials, communications and promotions from VPN EXTRA.

1.4. VPN EXTRA, for the identification of system problems and the immediate solution of problems related to Internet sites and systems administered by VPN EXTRA or connected to VPN EXTRA, can save IP addresses, contact information, and data related to User and Subscriber email and social media accounts when necessary, and use the data for the above mentioned purposes. This data and information can be used by VPN EXTRA for the general identification of User and Subscriber demographic data, notifications of services and systems changes, and marketing of product and promotional offers.

1.5. VPN EXTRA may provide links to other websites through its platforms and/or Mobile Applications by VPN EXTRA or connected to VPN EXTRA. VPN EXTRA may publish advertisements, promotions, application forms, announcements, or surveys by third parties with which it has agreements. VPN EXTRA may, through these forms, announcements, surveys, advertisements and promotions, direct Users and Subscribers to websites, mobile applications, social media, communications or other platforms of its third party partners. VPN EXTRA bears no liability in relation to privacy practices and policies of the third party web sites, mobile applications and/or social media accessed through these links, or for visual, textual or any content they contain.

1.6. User and Subscriber information including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, e-mail address, age, date of birth, city of birth, personal relationship, finance, health and other lifestyle data is used to identify Users and Subscribers and provide services. VPN EXTRA, unless otherwise specified in the hereby privacy statement, shall not disclose any information to third party partners that are not under contract for business services. VPN EXTRA gives information on Users and Subscribers to third parties in the cases listed below:

1.6.1. Cases that require legal compliance with existing laws and international agreements are in compliance with U.S. law.

1.6.2. Cases that fulfill the requirements and implementation of the contract between VPN EXTRA and its Users and Subscribers,

1.6.3. Cases in which User and Subscriber information is petitioned by government and/or judicial authorities for a survey or an investigation carried out in accordance with legal procedures.

1.6.4. Cases in which providing information is necessary for the protection of User and Subscriber rights and/or security.

1.7. VPN EXTRA, with hereby notification, undertakes to keep this information private and confidential, accepts their confidentiality as an obligation, and will take the technical, legal and administrative measures necessary for maintaining confidentiality, and preventing all or any part of the confidential information from entering the public domain, unauthorized use or disclosure to third parties.

1.8. VPN EXTRA can obtain UsersÛª and SubscribersÛª information on the Mobile Applications and Internet sites by VPN EXTRA or connected to VPN EXTRA by using technical contact file cookies, and information on application usage with IP or social media user account data. Technical contact files, known as cookies, are data files which are designed and used to gather statistical information on the number of people who have visited the Mobile Application and Internet sites, the number of visits, and the duration of the visit, for comparisons and to assist in producing commercials and contents with dynamic diversity designed specifically for Users and Subscribers. Users and Subscribers can always change the settings of their browsers if they do not wish to have cookies placed on their computers or to receive alerts when receiving this type of file.

1.9. The information requested from Users and Subscribers in accordance with periodic or non-periodic surveys organized within the Mobile Application, Internet sites and portals by VPN EXTRA can be used for direct marketing to customers, statistical analysis, and creating a custom database by VPN EXTRA and its third party partners.

1.10 VPN EXTRA can change the provisions of the hereby privacy statement as deemed necessary, provided it publishes on Mobile Applications and/or Internet sites provided by VPN EXTRA or connected to VPN EXTRA. Changes made in the provisions of the privacy statement by VPN EXTRA are deemed to be in effect on the date of the publication on the website, application and its other platforms.